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Package - Grammar For Everyone

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All 3 Grammar Books at a Discounted Price.  This package includes one copy of each of the following titles:


  • GRAMMAR FOR EVERYONE BOOK 1 - Grammar For Everyone, Book 1 is a practical guide to parts of speech and how to use them. The book will give teachers and student’s simple rules and explanations of various grammatical conventions so that speaking and writing correctly becomes automatic. The book is simple enough for 10 yr olds, but essential for all secondary students and adults whose knowledge of everyday grammar is inadequate.  


  • GRAMMAR FOR EVERYONE BOOK 2 - Grammar For Everyone, Book 2 builds on the basic units of grammar introduced in Grammar For Everyone, Book 1. Students are guided through prepositions and phrases, simple sentences and conjunctions, direct and indirect speech, punctuation, spelling, dictionary work and vocabulary extension .Suitable for primary and junior secondary students. 


  • GRAMMAR FOR EVERVONE BOOK 3 - Grammar For Everyone, Book 3 builds on the basic units of grammar introduced in Grammar For Everyone, Books 1 and 2 (in which Nona was involved as a consultant). Book 3 demonstrates in a systematic way, how units of grammar combine to form different kinds of sentences, such as simple, compound, complex and passive sentences. It provides clear definitions of new terms, with examples and extensive practice to consolidate understanding of each new concept. Suited to upper primary and secondary students. 


Please refer to the individual product listing for images of sample pages and more information about each book.


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