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Novel - Stake Out - Reading Age: 9.6 - 10.6

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An old ute pulled up right at the back of the carpark. Howie and Will didn’t really pay much attention to it until the driver failed to get out. Instead, he just sat there, smoking a cigarette.

“Will, I think we have a winner!” Howie whispered as he moved a little closer to the ute.


This novel supports the Secondary Intensive Reading Program.


Recommended Reading Age: 9.6-10.6 years.

Interest Age: 11-16


Highly recommended for lower classes from Years 7 to 10, where students are unable, or unwilling to read typical secondary novels.


Stakeout Activity Book available.



Approx R.A.:
9.6 - 10.6
Interest Age:
11 - 16yrs